Trucking Safety Tips for Drivers

Operating a large truck requires additional precautions compared to driving a smaller vehicle. Trucking safety is essential because an accident involving a tractor-trailer can have a huge impact. Safe driving not only keeps the driver and their freight safe but also helps protect everyone else on the road. Here are some factors commercial drivers should … Continue reading “Trucking Safety Tips for Drivers”

Driving a Long Combination Vehicle

After you earn your commercial driver’s license (CDL), there are many different types of jobs that you will be qualified for. You can increase your job opportunities by obtaining additional CDL endorsements, which are separate written tests you take to demonstrate knowledge and skills related to specific types of truck driving. One example is the … Continue reading “Driving a Long Combination Vehicle”

All About the Tanker Endorsement

In addition to your commercial driver’s license (CDL) test, you can take endorsement tests that demonstrate your knowledge of specific skills related to truck driving. At Phoenix Truck Driving School, you will have an opportunity to take three additional exams. These are tankers, doubles/triples, and hazardous materials. The tanker endorsement, also called a tank endorsement, … Continue reading “All About the Tanker Endorsement”