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One of the many advantages that come from the transportation industry is that it’s stable. Our economy depends on it – there will never be a time where transporting goods in our country won’t be needed. Commercial transportation is a highly demanding field where you can earn a great paycheck. Earn your CDL and be on the road as soon as your paperwork is processed. We make it that simple for you.

Job Placement

You have the freedom to decide which open road you want to start your journey. Our first-class job placement and career planning program will be the foundation for you to achieve your goals. We start the job application process while you are still completing your CDL training so you can hit the road right after graduation. See how our students are doing! View our Student Achievement Rates.

Truck Driving Careers

Over-the-Road (OTR)
  • Transporting products via public highways throughout the U.S.
  • Route: usually through 48 states
  • Road Time: often 3-4 weeks at a time
  • Solo driver opportunities
  • Two-driver opportunities (great for couples who want to work and travel together!)
  • Hauling general freight within a few hundred miles of a specified area rather than throughout 48 states
  • Route: No East Coast runs
  • Road Time: often 1-2 weeks at a time
  • Truck driver instructor opportunities
  • Owner Operators are individuals who own and operate their own trucking business. They may lease on to a carrier or may operate under their own authority
  • Tends to keep the driver closer to home base compared to regional
  • Dedicated Route: Primarily New Mexico
  • Road Time: Drivers are often home nightly

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