Local, Regional, or

OTR Trucking


After you earn your commercial driver’s license (CDL), there are a wide variety of truck driving jobs that you can choose from. Our job placement assistance program can help you determine which options best suit your desired pay and lifestyle. In addition to determining the type of freight you will haul and whether you prefer team or solo driving, there are different routes you may drive: local, regional, or over-the-road (OTR) trucking.

Here are some facts about each type of CDL job:

Local Truck Driving

Local drivers travel within their city or state and often have a dedicated route. This means they drive to the same places each day. Local jobs usually require driving during the day so you can come home every night with one or two days off per week, depending on the company you are working for. 

The major benefit of these kinds of jobs is that they offer more home time than regional or OTR truck driving. The predictable and consistent schedule can also be a positive aspect depending on your preference. Although local trucking jobs usually pay less than long haul driving, this can vary greatly depending on the type of freight and who you work for. 

Regional Routes

Regional drivers are on the road for one or two weeks at a time and deliver goods within a smaller area of the country. This is usually within a radius of 1,000 miles from your home terminal. You will be home most weekends and sometimes every weekend, depending on the motor carrier you drive for. Some regional truckers have a dedicated route whereas others drive multiple routes. 

This is a middle ground between local and OTR trucking as it often pays more than local routes and allows you to be home more often than OTR jobs. 

OTR Trucking Jobs

OTR truck drivers travel through the 48 continental United States. Since they haul freight over long distances, they are usually on the road for three to four weeks at a time. Home time varies depending on the trucking company.

Since it does require more time away from home, pay for OTR jobs is usually higher than for local or regional hauls. Many drivers enjoy the freedom of the open road and OTR routes allow you to see more of the country. 

What Type of Trucking Job is Best for You?

Whether local, regional, or OTR driving is right for you depends on your personal preferences for pay and home time. There are benefits to each type of job. Additionally, individual companies offer different benefits, pay, and time off. 

We can help you find the trucking job that’s right for you

As a student at Phoenix Truck Driving School, you will earn your CDL and learn valuable skills from our world-class instructors. Whether you prefer local, regional, or OTR trucking, our job placement assistance team can help you find companies hiring drivers like you. 

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