How to Become an Owner-Operator

Trucking can be an incredibly rewarding job. One of the highest-paying career paths in the industry is becoming an owner-operator. This is an individual who owns their own semi-truck and either contracts with a motor carrier or hauls for shippers on their own authority. There are many steps to take before you can start your … Continue reading “How to Become an Owner-Operator”

Different Types of CMVs

After you earn your commercial driver’s license (CDL), there are many different types of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) that you might drive during your career.  Knowing the many varieties of vehicles that you could encounter can help you find your niche as a trucker. It’s also important to know if any additional license requirements apply … Continue reading “Different Types of CMVs”

What You Need to Drive a Fuel Truck

Semi-trucks are absolutely essential to our nation’s economy and transport a wide variety of goods and materials. One example is gasoline. Without trucks, gas stations in the United States would exhaust their supply within 2-3 days. Because of high demand and the additional responsibilities involved with transporting gasoline, driving a fuel truck can be a … Continue reading “What You Need to Drive a Fuel Truck”

Air Brake Basics

Air brake systems use compressed air to apply pressure to the brake pads to stop a vehicle. By contrast, a hydraulic braking system uses brake fluid instead of air. An air system is considered a better option for large vehicles such as semi-trucks. In order to drive a vehicle with these brakes, you need to … Continue reading “Air Brake Basics”

What a Truck Dispatcher Does

Many different individuals and organizations work together to safely transport freight. A truck dispatcher communicates with the driver, motor carrier, and receiving company to help the process go smoothly. These individuals are responsible for ensuring that loads arrive on time and undamaged. If you choose to become a truck driver after earning your commercial driver’s … Continue reading “What a Truck Dispatcher Does”

Tips for Trucking With a Dog

Truck driving is one of the few jobs where you might be able to take your pet with you. Many trucking companies allow you to travel with a canine companion and this can help make life on the road more enjoyable. Pets do more than improve your emotional well-being. Studies show that spending time with … Continue reading “Tips for Trucking With a Dog”

How the Truck Driver Shortage Affects You

Truckers are absolutely essential to our nation’s economy. Without them, grocery store shelves would be empty, fuel wouldn’t be available, and hospitals would quickly run out of necessary supplies. Over the years, the demand for drivers has continued to increase, but historically there have not been enough qualified individuals to fill this need. The American Trucking … Continue reading “How the Truck Driver Shortage Affects You”

The History of Semi-Trucks

Semi-trucks, also called tractor-trailers, transport 71.4% of the nation’s freight according to the American Trucking Associations (ATA). These vehicles and their drivers play an essential role in our nation’s economy and this has been the case for decades. Since their invention, semi-trucks have been an important factor in keeping our country running smoothly. More information … Continue reading “The History of Semi-Trucks”