How the

Truck Driver Shortage

Affects You

Truckers are absolutely essential to our nation’s economy. Without them, grocery store shelves would be empty, fuel wouldn’t be available, and hospitals would quickly run out of necessary supplies. Over the years, the demand for drivers has continued to increase, but historically there have not been enough qualified individuals to fill this need. The American Trucking Associations (ATA) reports each year on the truck driver shortage, which has increased substantially since it was first documented in 2005.

Here is more information about how the commercial driver shortage may affect you:

Truck Driver Shortage Basics

The ATA’s Truck Driver Shortage Analysis 2019 is the most recent version of their annual report, which includes data from 2018. In order to calculate their findings, they use economic and industry growth information to model and forecast the shortage.

Here are some key facts from this document:

  • Between 2017 and 2018, the shortage increased by 20%, from 50,700 to 60,800 additional drivers needed to meet demand.
  • If current trends continue, the trucking industry will be short 160,000 drivers by 2028.
  • Within the next decade, trucking companies will need to hire approximately 1.1 million new drivers. This is driven both by industry growth and by older drivers retiring and needing to be replaced.

How This Impacts You as a Consumer

If the truck driver shortage continues to grow, it will likely have a noticeable impact on consumers. ATA data indicates that tractor-trailers transport 71.4% of American freight by weight. A lack of drivers to haul these goods and materials would cause significant disruptions to the supply chain. This would result in shipping delays, higher costs for consumers, and potential shortages of various items.

How This Impacts You as a Driver

Because of the high demand for truckers, now is an excellent time to earn your commercial driver’s license (CDL) and start your career. Many motor carriers are competing with one another to offer the best driver pay, home time, and benefits. You can use this to your advantage to find a rewarding truck driving job. As you gain more experience, you become even more valuable to trucking companies and can continue to grow your earnings.

Starting Your Trucking Career

As a truck driver, you play a key role in keeping our country’s economy running and you can earn more than $65,000 a year* for your hard work. If this interests you, the first step is obtaining your CDL. Phoenix Truck Driving School offers an accelerated training program to get you on the road and earning in as little as four weeks. You will learn from experienced instructors and gain valuable skills that will continue to serve you throughout your career.

Learn More About Our Truck Driving School

Contact us today to learn more about how you can help reduce the truck driver shortage by earning your CDL with us.

*Professional truck drivers earn a mean annual wage of $43,680. The top 10% of truck drivers make more than $65,260 per year according to the 2018 Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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