Tips for

Trucking With a Dog

Truck driving is one of the few jobs where you might be able to take your pet with you. Many trucking companies allow you to travel with a canine companion and this can help make life on the road more enjoyable. Pets do more than improve your emotional well-being. Studies show that spending time with a dog can even improve your physical health.

Here are some tips for trucking with a dog:

Find a Pet-Friendly Motor Carrier

Not every trucking company allows pets. If you want to hit the road with your furry friend, you should make sure to get information about a carrier’s pet policy before you start driving with them. Even companies that allow dogs usually have aggressive breed restrictions, weight limits, pet deposit requirements, and other rules you need to be aware of. Be sure to ask questions and make sure you fully understand their policy.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is a key skill for any truck driver and this is especially important if you are taking a pet on the road. Before you start trucking with your dog, you should visit your veterinarian and make sure they have all of their vaccines and are healthy enough to travel with you. In addition to visiting the vet annually for check-ups, have a plan in place if you need to take your dog to the vet while away from home.

You should make sure that you have enough food in your truck for the entire journey. It can be difficult to find a pet store that is accessible for your truck and there may be long stretches of your route that don’t have any nearby locations to buy dog food. You should also be sure to stock up on water bottles, cleaning supplies, treats, and anything else you need for your pet.

In addition to planning what to bring, you should schedule time to stop regularly and let your pet out of the truck. An added benefit of walking your dog while on the road is that it allows you to get some exercise and fresh air.

Dog-Proof Your Truck

If your pet gets into something it shouldn’t while you’re driving, this can be dangerous for you both. Train your dog to stay away from the clutch, store important documents where your pet can’t get to them, and make sure you have toys to keep your pet entertained.

Consider Your Dog’s Breed

You should consider your dog’s breed when deciding whether or not to take them on the road. If you don’t already have a dog, knowing which breeds are best for truckers can help you choose a companion that is well-suited for this lifestyle. In general, smaller and less active breeds are going to be a better fit.

Some recommended breeds for truckers are:


Pugs have a distinct appearance and are affectionate. They were bred as companion dogs, so they don’t require as much activity as hunting breeds. However, pugs are prone to shedding, so a seat cover is recommended if you’re going to be traveling with one.


Chihuahuas are loyal, charming dogs and their small size makes them a great choice for truckers. If you are traveling through areas with cold weather, make sure to pack some blankets to keep your pet warm, as this breed can get cold easily.

Boston Terrier

Boston terriers are a lively breed that is well-suited to the trucking lifestyle. They shed a small amount and don’t usually require too much exercise.

Take Your Dog to Work

If you want a career where you can bring your dog with you every day, you should consider becoming a truck driver. There are also many other advantages such as high pay, competitive benefits, and the freedom of the open road. At Phoenix Truck Driving School, you can obtain your commercial driver’s license (CDL) and start earning in as little as four weeks.

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